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Tax Planning

Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society. Tax is a compulsory payment made to the Government for services it provides us, though people may not be completely satisfied or convinced with these services.

By Franklin D Roosevelt on Income Taxes

Tax efficient financial planning is basically arranging your financial affairs in such a way that you can take full advantage of all exemptions, deductions etc allowed by the government.

Tax incidence on various asset classes like property, equity and fixed income in your investment portfolio are different for different holding periods. It is important therefore to take benefit of all the exemptions/deductions allowed as well as to construct a portfolio of investments which provides returns in the most tax efficient way.

Tax planning is as a subset of a financial plan and should not be separated from it.

Our Tax Planning Service Includes -

  • Structuring the investment portfolio taking into consideration the tax incidence (long term and short term) for returns from various asset classes so that the wealth is built in a tax efficient manner.
  • Recommend tax planning strategies to off set losses on investments and minimize tax burden.
  • Give advice on investments u/sec 80C to save taxes and align them with the goals.
  • Structuring monthly payouts in a tax efficient manner for retirement planning.

Minimise your tax liability. Plan for it.

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