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Investment Planning

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Do not underestimate the need for ‘Investment Planning’ and the ‘Power of Compounding’. You sweat it out at work or business and your money is hard-earned. Wouldn’t you expect that your hard-earned money should be nurtured to grow in the best possible way? ‘Investment planning’ helps you do this.

‘Power of Compounding’ helps you sweat out your money so that you are comfortably able to meet your long-term goals of retirement, buying a house, children’s education etc.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who Understands it, Earns it ... he who doesn't ... Pays it.

Albert Einstein

To illustrate the power of compounding, assume two scenarios:

Investment amount
(in Rs.)
Compounding rate
Time period
Future value at end of time period
1 15.0% 30 66
1 16.6% 30 100
  • A rupee invested multiplies 66 times, if it is assumed to compound at the rate of 15% over 30 years and;

  • A rupee invested multiplies 100 times, if it is assumed to compound at the rate of 16.6% over 30 years.

The above illustration leads us to some ‘powerful’ conclusions -

  • Even a perceived small (1.6%) difference annually in the compounding rate, results in an almost 34% lower value for your wealth at the end of the time period.

  • This implies that you cannot be ad-hoc or lax in terms of Investment planning. To build your wealth, your money needs to be:

    • Invested on time, in a regular disciplined manner, using a process-driven focused approach.
    • Invested in appropriate asset classes (property, equity, fixed income, commodities etc. - Strategic asset allocation) based on your goals, your age, your current wealth, risk appetite and time horizon.
    • Invested in the appropriate financial products within each of these asset classes that gives the best and most tax efficient risk-adjusted returns.
    • However, ‘Well begun is only half done’. As we all know, expected returns of various asset classes change, markets change, financial products change, performance of products within each asset class change, tax laws change, goals change. Hence it is equally important to monitor and re-tune the portfolio so that it continues to give the best and most tax efficient risk adjusted returns.

Spectrum Wealth Solutions partners with you in doing exactly this...
Building your Wealth...The Right Way!!

What You Get

Services of an ‘Investment Specialist’ who partners you to -

  • Draw up the Investment strategy and Asset Allocation to be followed.
  • Assess your current investment portfolio against above.
  • Review & recommend on asset allocation as well as on existing investments in the portfolio.
  • Continuously monitor the investments in all asset classes and implement changes based on a variety of factors detailed above, and help you continue to generate the best and most tax efficient risk adjusted returns.
  • Gives you Door-step service and ability to invest online.
  • Online 24x7 access to your portfolio.

Start investing in a disciplined manner.

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