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Insurance Planning

Death ends a life, not the relationships or the responsibilities of such relationships.

By Mitch Albom on Insurance

Life is uncertain. No one likes to talk about death. But, you must accept the reality that everyone has to die at certain age due to disease or accidental. There are instances where-in, families get into serious financial crisis if the only bread winner in a family dies at young age.

Achieving set goals of a family post demise of a bread winner becomes a big question mark. What can be done in such a scenario?

Life insurance comes in as an important risk-mitigating product for the family. It ensures financial support and thus protection to your dependents in the event of unexpected demise.

We even analyze your medical (health) insurance needs since nowadays the rising inflation impact medical costs. A medical insurance is a must for you and your spouse, including children, executed through a family floater plan.

Our Insurance Planning Service Includes -

  • Determine your insurance requirement (life cover) and calculate whether you are adequately insured with existing policies.
  • Review your existing insurance polices and give recommendation whether to continue / stop premium / surrender, etc.
  • Scientifically assess the insurance requirement based on wealth shortfall aligned to your financial goals.

Secure your family's future.

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