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Concise Financial Planning

A Man without a goal is like, a Ship without a rudder.

Thomas Carlyle on Goals

Concise Financial planning helps you answer important ‘life’ questions like -

  • How much wealth do I need to have, say 15 years from now, when I retire, to maintain my current lifestyle?

  • How much money is required for my children’s higher education, say 10 years from now?

  • I have a huge liability in the form of payment for my housing loan over the next 10 years. Would I be able to save enough for meeting my retirement goals? What do I need to do to ensure that?

  • I am fed up with my job and would like to pursue other career options which may not be as remunerative but which gives me immense satisfaction… will that impact achievement of my financial goals?

It is important for each individual to draw up a set of financial goals and put numbers to it. ‘Concise Financial Planning’ helps you do this. A ‘gap assessment’ is required to see how your wealth or your current investment portfolio in various asset classes will grow to help you meet your ‘goals’. If there is a ‘negative gap’ i.e your current wealth or investment portfolio value is not enough to meet your financial goals, a ‘Financial Plan’ is required to create a roadmap that helps in assessing the incremental savings required over a period to satisfy the financial goals. This involves balancing cash flows on a regular basis & investing surpluses at right time in the right asset class, in a systematic way to build a corpus for achieving your financial goals such as retirement income, purchase of a new house/car or for your children education and marriage.

As with ‘Investment Planning’, ‘Financial Planning’ is also not a one-time exercise. Goals change, financial realities change in this world full of ‘surprises’. Monitoring and reviewing of the Financial plan that leads to the investment plan would also need to be done on a regular basis.

Advantages of Financial Plan

  • Identifies realistic and time bounded life goals.
  • Future finance needs become transparent and understood.
  • Gets adequate time to arrange for the needed finance reasonably in advance.
  • A good financial plan enables a definite form of financial control.
  • Reduce taxes by allocating income and assets more effectively.
  • Plan for retirement corpus at early age.
  • Analyze insurance needs and have appropriate cover for life.
  • Investment with detailed research leads to improve performance of portfolio.

What You Get

Services of an ‘Investment Specialist’ who partners you to -

  • Identify your financial goals and quantify it (retirement, house purchase, children’s education etc.)
  • Conduct a ‘gap assessment’ to assess whether your current wealth/investment portfolio is geared up to meet your stated financial goals.
  • Suggest a road map to reduce or eliminate ‘negative gaps’ to help you comfortably meet your financial goals.
  • Analyse and quantify the Life and Health (mediclaim) insurance needs.
  • Review & recommend on asset allocation as well as on existing investments in the portfolio.
  • Continuously monitor the investments in all asset classes and implement changes based on a variety of factors detailed earlier, and help you continue to generate the best and most tax efficient risk adjusted returns.
  • Gives you Door-step service and ability to invest online.
  • Online 24x7 access to your portfolio.

Create a road-map to achieve your goals.

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