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About Spectrum Wealth Solutions

Spectrum Wealth Solutions, a boutique wealth management firm, has been set up by Mr.Ramanathan Krishnamoorthy, an ‘Investment Specialist’ who has over 20 years of experience (last assignment – Chief Investment officer at ING Investment Management, India) in -

  • Assessing and analyzing opportunities in the Indian equity and fixed income markets.

  • ‘Managing money’ across various asset classes in the Indian Investment Industry.

During his tenor he has been rated as one of India’s best fund managers and has won several awards for the funds he has managed.

Spectrum has been launched to fill in significant gaps that exists in -

  • the way the client looks at building his wealth.

  • the way the wealth management industry has shaped up in the country.

Research has shown that, a typical individual’s way of managing money is more focused on the short term rather than long term. This results in random and adhoc allocation of monies to asset classes. For eg. Skewness in equity investments in bullish markets, thrills of trading or avoidance or conservatism in investing in equity due to prior short term poor experience. The short termishness typically is a result of lack of time due to current job profile or lack of knowledge of investing per se or due to both. Unfortunately this is not the right way to build wealth.

A hands-on, process driven ‘goal-based’ focused approach by an expert is required to build wealth.

This requires steps, that

  • set up an individual’s financial goals.
  • assess current wealth / investment profile.
  • find gaps that exist between the two and
  • develop a roadmap that helps the individual meet his goals.

Even for a person whose financial goals are already met (and who may not require the financial planning process), investment planning is required to continuously assess the portfolio.

As a friend put it ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. While this may sound simple it is not so. The complications arise due to ‘change’, which is the only constant in this world. The goals change, assumptions change, markets change, performance of products change, taxation change etc. etc.. It is important that these changes are incorporated through a monitoring process and implemented in the individual’s portfolio as wealth is built.

This is a specialist’s job and this is what "Spectrum Wealth Solutions" is about.

Now the question comes…..Who is a Specialist? This question leads us to the way the wealth management industry has shaped up in the country. A typical ‘wealth advisor’ from the so called ‘large wealth management firms – banks or non-banks is actually a ‘sales relationship manager’ who normally has limited investment knowledge or investment experience.

On top of this, given my years of experience in this industry, some of these firms are driven by revenue (commission) maximization for the firm (the brokerage the firm receives by sale of a product). This monthly, quarterly pressure has resulted in these ‘product pushers’ pushing products that actually may be the ‘most expensive’ for the client (an example would be Insurance Product vs Mutual Fund Product) or tax inefficient (example PMS vs Trust Structure Based Product). This surely is also not the right way of building your wealth. Also do these so called ‘product pushers’ adopt the right approach to building your wealth starting with your goals? Do they continuously monitor your asset allocation, your changing needs, the markets, your risk appetite, your time horizon etc. etc. suggest innovative strategies and manage your wealth as if they would manage theirs? My view is that, the simple answer is ‘No’…so are they really Specialists??!!!

This is the genesis of Spectrum Wealth Solutions, a firm run by an ‘Investment Specialist’ whose entire experience has been in managing funds across asset classes at both ING Investment Management and at Birla SunLife Mutual Fund and who intents to build wealth for his clients...the right way!!
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